Hut to Hut in the Alps

Hut to Hut Hiking

All you need to know about walking the high mountain routes of the Alps the traditional way

Treat yourself to a walking holiday you’ll never forget. A self-guided or guided hut to hut trek in the Alps is always a delightful adventure and the high mountain areas of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy’s South Tyrol and the Dolomites are perfectly set up for these longer, more challenging hikes. This is largely thanks to the extensive mountain huts and rifugi network in these countries and regions, which make multi-day walking in the Alps a more pleasant, universally accessible and unforgettable experience.

Please read on to find out everything you need to know about hut to hut walking in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, the Italian Dolomites and South Tyrol.

Mountain Huts Explained

An overview of what a mountain hut (Hütte, BerghütteRifugio) is, how and when they operate and what to expect when you stay or visit.

Alpine Hut Facilities

All you need to know about sleeping arrangements and the amenities that will be available to you, when staying at an alpine hut.

Mountain Hut Etiquette

There are some simple rules which make the Alpine trekking experience better for everyone. Read on for the basic do’s and don’ts.

Booking a Mountain Hut

Details of how to book your Alpine huts in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy - and why joining an Alpine Association may be beneficial.

Hut to Hut in Austria & Bavaria

What to expect from alpine huts in Austria and Bavaria; understand the different categories and the best ways to book your overnight stay.

Alpine Huts in Switzerland

The lowdown on alpine huts in Switzerland: what level of comfort to expect, how and when they are run and a guide to making reservations.

Huts in the Dolomites & South Tyrol

A guide to mountain huts in Northern Italy: how and when they operate, what they cost and what to expect when you stay overnight.

Inn to inn walking: how is it different?

Understand why inn to inn walking and hut to hut walking are very unique propositions – and determine which one is right for you.