Walking with Kids

Our guide to making the most of a family walking holiday

Advice and insider tips on where to walk, where to stay, what to take with you, how to keep the kids entertained... and much more!

The following pages are packed full of helpful information to ensure that your family activity holiday is a big hit for everyone in the group, no matter how old or young! You’ll find plenty of inspiration and ideas to make planning your trip both simple and successful.

Walking With Children - 5 Reasons Why!

There are many wonderful reasons to go walking with children; here are just five of the top benefits of taking a fabulous family walking holiday.

What’s the best age?

Top tips and helpful hints for walking with children, according to age group – from tiny tots to young explorers and intrepid teenagers.

Where to go on a family walking holiday

There are so many wonderful places to enjoy a family activity holiday in Europe. If you’re looking for inspiration about where to visit, then here is a good place to start.

Hiking Gear - Overview

You’ll need to be prepared with all the right kit for walking with children. Read on for expert advice on shopping and packing for a family walking holiday.

What to pack into your rucksack - the checklist

Space in your rucksack is limited, so we’ve compiled a helpful list of those items which are must-haves on a day walk with the family.

General advice on walking with children

Concerned about keeping the children happy on a walk? Here our top tips for ensuring that walking with kids is a pleasure, not a chore!