Fire, Folk & Fare – Bavarian Alps Upcoming Events

There are numerous festivals and activities that take place all year round throughout Bavaria. And if you’ve read our previous blog posts on the region’s history, culture and attractions, you will have an even deeper understanding of the significance or lure of these top events. Here’s a sneak peak of just some of the happenings taking place in the Bavarian Alps for the remainder of the calendar year.

August 10 – 20, 2012 – The Gäuboden Folk Festival (Straubing)

This world renowned festival, founded by King Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria, is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year. Attending the festival will allow you to go back in time and experience carnival rides, beer tents and cuisine representing traditions 100 or more years old. Bavaria’s largest, temporary shopping market will coincide with the festival and will consist of 700 exhibitors and vendors.

August 24, 2012 – King Ludwig II’s Mountain Fire (Oberammergau)

Since 1888, Oberammergau, a town with a thriving arts and culture scene, has been hosting a celebration to honour the fairytale king’s birthday. Local musicians march up the surrounding mountains while playing traditional tunes. Then spectators are treated to the lighting of bon fires that create wonderfully, luminous designs.

September 14 – October 13, 2012 – Bad Füssinger Kulturfestival
Bad Füssing is known for its spa resort with its natural hot spring pools and saunas that make for an immensely therapeutic and relaxing experience. The town has also been hosting an annual cultural festival since 2000. It is comprised of talents from all over the world showcasing operas, cabarets, orchestral numbers, theatre, exhibitions, films and more.

September 22 – October 7, 2012 – Oktoberfest (Munich)
Join millions of people and attend Oktoberfest in Munich, the city where this traditional festival was born. Partake in local beer (only beer brewed within Munich’s city limits is served) along with music, food, rides and sideshows inside the various tents set up along Wirtsbudenstraße.

December 2012 – Many Bavarian cities and towns have Christmas markets that operate seven days a week and well into the evening. Most begin setting up on November 29th or 30th and run until December 23rd. The town square set-ups will put you into the holiday spirit as stalls are decorated in true Christmas style, vending toys, crafts, gingerbread and other baked goods, mulled wine and other traditional specialties. Christmas carollers and performers often add to the festive atmosphere.

These are just a sample of the events set to take place during the remainder of 2012. Whether you plan on visiting soon or next year, the Bavarian Alps offer occasions every month that appeal to practically every kind of passion.