Bavaria on Wheels (… go Cycling in Bavaria)

So far we’ve uncovered many of the gems that make the Bavarian Alps a uniquely pleasing destination. From its magical castles to its cultural celebrations, perhaps you’re overwhelmed by the number of things to see and do. Maybe you’re worried about missing something truly special. You need not be troubled as there are several driving and cycling routes throughout the Bavarian Alps that you can follow to experience numerous points of interest and picturesque countryside.

The German Alpine Road, for example, is a 450-km route that the Bavarian Alps Travel website calls a never-ending drive-in cinema, stretching from Lindau on Lake Constance to Berchtesgaden, the road has attracted visitors since the early 1900s. It passes by 25 different palaces, castles and monasteries, including Neuschwanstein and the royal island of Herreninsel, as well as over 60 resort spas and more than 20 alpine lakes, including Lake Chiemsee (where Herreninsel is located) and Lake Tegernsee. Not to mention the stunning mountain views – you’ll see hundreds of alpine peaks – and the potential for stopping in numerous intriguing towns like Füssen and Bad Tölz.

Another option is the Romantic Road, a 410 km route that stretches north-south between Würzburg and Füssen. Completing the entire journey will allow you to see a range of landscapes, from Franconian wine country to the Alps. Highlights along Germany’s most popular scenic drive include the Würzburg Palace (a UNESCO site), Neuschwanstein Castle and Mozart’s City of Augsburg. The Romantic Road is said to have been a trading route throughout medieval times and evidence of this is found in various spots along the way, including the town of Dinkelsbühl with its ancient fortresses and defensive walls and Rothenburg ob der Tauber, said to be one of the country’s best preserved middle ages towns.

If you would like to experience Upper Bavaria even more intimately while maintaining your healthy cardio regime, take advantage of one of the region’s long distance cycling trails. The 300-km Isar bicycle tour begins in the Alps and ends where the river Isar meets the Danube. In between, highlights include Munich, the market town of Bad Tölz, the castle Trausnitz, the Pupplinger Au reserve and more. If you have a little more stamina in you, the Bavarian Alps also boasts a 418 km bicycle tour from Lake Constance to Lake Königssee and the River Inn bicycle tour (530 km from Passau to Maloja).

Are you ready to get your wheels on the road and genuinely experience Bavaria?