Alpine Plateaus & Mountains: Seiser Alm and Schlern

Seiser Alm (Alpe di Suisi) is the largest Alpine pasture in Europe. Surrounded by the Dolomites and the Schlern, it is a beautiful location for walking. Seiser Alm & Schlern: An Overview Seiser Alm (or Alpe di Suisi, as it is known in Italian), is the largest alpine pasture in Europe. Situated in the Trentino … Read more

Dolomites, Italy; the stunning wildflowers of Seiser Alm and Schlern

bluebells wild flowers dolomites

Hardly the last patches of snow on the Italian Dolomites Seiser Alm are melted away, when the great flowering begins. The grass still pale and straggly is transformed into a glimmering sea of purple hue by countless spring crocusses, and the violet tinted spring anemones, still wrapped in their silky little pelts, stretch in between … Read more