Switzerland – Why Zermatt’s Mountain Guides are Famous

Mountain guides Matterhorn, Zermatt

Zermatt’s fabled Mt. Matterhorn (4,478m/14,692ft) has always been a draw for those who love mountaineering and the Alps. Unfortunately with beauty often comes danger, and the Matterhorn has seen fatalities each year since it was first climbed by British climber Edward Whymper in 1865, who lost 4 of his party on the descent. These days … Read more

Switzerland’s Zermatt – Shaped by and Famous for its Water

River in Zermatt, Switzerland

The area around Zermatt in Switzerland is both famed for its water and formed by it. The Zermatt region is well-known for the quality of its drinking water, as well as for the number and beauty of its streams and lakes. Zermatt boasts over 50 lakes and nearly 1,000 springs! Indeed the original name of … Read more

Wildflowers of Switzerland’s Zermatt – More Than Just the Edelweiss

bright yellow wildflowers

Switzerland’s Zermatt is easily accessible to both the serious walker (who will enjoy the 400km/249mi of trails) and the less fit visitor (who will enjoy the mountain railways which give easy access to some areas). For such an accessible region, it’s an alpine flora treasure trove for even the most serious botanists. As a bonus, … Read more

St. Peter’s Anglican in Zermatt – An English Church, An Alpine Sanctuary

Zermatt Switzerland

If you’re strolling around Zermatt, you will immediately notice St. Peter’s, a cosy, country-style church up on the hill with Matterhorn looming in the background. Go inside to see the plaque-lined walls that honour past mountain climbers and outside to visit the Mountaineer’s cemetery. You can also go inside if you’d like to attend a … Read more