Sauna Etiquette In Finland: 9 Tips For Travelers

finnish sauna etiquette guide

The Finnish sauna tradition is a cornerstone of cultural heritage, blending relaxation with social customs. To fully embrace this cherished practice, it’s essential to understand and respect the established etiquette. Here are some guidelines to help you navigate the sauna etiquette in Finland with ease and authenticity. Prepare for ‘Löyly’ and Embrace the Warmth The … Read more

The Bavarian Forest – An Enchanting Setting for a Wintertime Walk

You have probably heard of Germany’s Black Forest and are longing to stroll under its thick canopies. But you need to add an essential component to your German holidays. The Bavarian forest, near the Danube Valley in the south-eastern part of the country, is what seems an endless expanse of unspoilt wilderness and is even … Read more

Tobogganing – a Wintertime ‘Rush’ for All Ages!

Boy tobogganing

If you are planning a winter holiday in the Alps, you do not necessarily have to only ski or snowboard. In fact to experience the exhilaration of going down a mountain at high speed, you don’t have ski or snowboard at all. You can experience this exciting, family-friendly activity, fit for all ages, at a … Read more

Snowshoeing – a Primitive Winter Pastime is Revived

snowshoe hiking

In our last blog post, we discussed how a growing number of winter resorts are additionally catering to those looking for a more serene outdoor experience away from the flurry and fast pace of skiers and snowboarders. Snow shoe hiking or snow shoeing is one such activity that allows you to escape the crowds. Not … Read more

Winter Walking in the Alps

Group of people winter walking

In the Alps, more and more ski resorts and surrounding villages/towns are realizing that not every outdoor fan is interested in downhill and cross country skiing or snowboarding. A niche market is developing for people who prefer a gentler winter experience, away from the crowds. Your mind might automatically think snow-shoeing, but there is also … Read more

Dog Sledding Closer to Home – in Bavaria, Germany

Husky dog in Bavaria, Germany

While dog sledding may commonly be associated with Arctic regions, like Siberia or Alaska, there are actually opportunities to engage in this distinctive activity within more temperate locations as well! If you are looking for a unique way to intimately immerse with the elements and natural world, consider enrolling in a dog sled workshop or … Read more

November in Bern – A Feast for all the Senses

Onion Market Bern Switzerland

The city of Bern (Berne), Switzerland’s capital city, is so full of culture, scenery, history and charm, any time of year. But if you happen to be heading there near the end of November, you’re in for a real treat! Onion Market Festival The Onion Market (Zibelemärit) is an annual folk event that takes place … Read more

Can You Guess? Which European city is one of the best Christmas destinations in the world?

Santa Claus at Christmas Market Salzburg

In 2010, CNN GO ranked this city among the world’s top 10 Christmas destinations and NEWSMAX classed it among the top five places to spend yuletide. Last year, Travel included the city among its top five places for a traditional Christmas experience and over the years, Travel + Leisure magazine has, at least three … Read more